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World Day for Prevention
of Child Abuse - 19 November ©


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Geneva Report 2004

Conference/Debate "Progress in preventing child abuse" - Annual Review

Geneva, 19 November 2004, Palais Wilson - Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. "What we are establishing with the World Day is an annual rallying call to act, address progress and good practices with regard to prevention of abuse, violence and neglect and to empower organizations and individuals concerned to move forward, gain insight and knowledge and speak out to preserve the moral fabric of our societies" said Elly Pradervand, Executive Director of WWSF. Launched in the year 2000 by WWSF and marked every year by more than 450 organizations in over 100 countries, the World Day was commemorated in Geneva for the fifth year with a Conference-Debate "Progress in preventing child abuse - Annual Review III". Swiss, European and international experts presented prevention programs in different fields such as sport, theatre, youth associations, nursing, etc. Following the conference, Elly Pradervand opened the award ceremony for the "Prize Betty Makoni for innovative prevention activities". Mr. M. Noori, representing one of the laureate organizations, the "Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights", presented his programs in Pakistan. The event attended by more than 100 persons was followed by a reception graciously offered by Mr. Pierre Müller, Mayor of Geneva.

Conference Presenters

Welcome remarks by Maria Francisca Ize-Charrin, Chief, Treaties and Commission Branch - Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights OHCHR – Geneva, Switzerland
Ms. Ize-Charrin emphasized the OHCHR’s great appreciation of the WWSF’s work to promote and protect women’s rights and the rights of the child. Marking the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse offers an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved so far and what remains to be done. She also underlined the innovation and grass-roots approach captured by the “Prize Betty Makoni”, promoting the idea that we all have a role to play in preventing child abuse and congratulated the four laureate organizations of the Prize.

Professor Jaap E. Doek, President of the Committee on the Rights of the Child – Geneva, Switzerland
Jaap E. Doek made a comprehensive presentation of the legal framework for treating children and presented the special procedures which exist to help protect children from abuse and violence. He drew attention to relevant articles in the Convention of the Rights of the Child and reminded governments to comply with the ratification of the Convention. He stated that the CRC calls for a social policy which is a matter of attitude, worth and dignity. WWSF greatly appreciated his presence and his support for the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse campaign, which serves the calling forth of a culture of prevention.

Laure Maitrejean, WWSF Children’s Section Coordinator – Geneva, Switzerland
Laure Maitrejean presented examples of NGO activities marking the World Day around the world and mentioned some of the ambitious programs organized on 19 November. She underlined that local and national events not only inform and sensitise the population on the issue of child abuse, but primarily focus on prevention measures. She noted that WWSF coalition members involve children, parents, schools, experts and local and national authorities to participate in activities. Laure Maitrejean invited participants to read the annual global impact report published on the Internet (

Urs Hofmann, Fachstelle mira, c/o Kinderdorf Pestalozzi – Trogen, Switzerland
Urs Hofmann presented the mira Association and its work in preventing child sexual abuse in the field of sports. Mira targets sports associations, youth movements and brass band associations at local and national level in an effort to prevent sexual abuse, offering reports, articles for newspapers, courses for group leaders, and consultations in case of suspicion.

Catherine Jobin, Unions Chrétiennes Suisses U. C. – Hauterive, Switzerland
Catherine Jobin presented U.C. and its work in preventing child abuse in youth associations. The U.C. has developed a prevention of child sexual abuse project for instructors focusing on situations that favour child abuse. The U.C. elaborated principles of work, as well as effective tools (e.g. games) to sensitise children.

Suzanne Dietler, Limita – Zurich, Switzerland
Suzanne Dietler presented Limita Zurich and its work in preventing child abuse by organizing training sessions for adults (professionals and non-professionals) who are in charge of children, including parents. Limita, headquartered in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, is a leading institution in the development and teaching of specific programs for prevention of child sexual abuse. Limita imparts knowledge and prevention measures, organizes seminars, advisory sessions, lectures on prevention, and publishes manuals and brochures. Ms. Dietler is co-editor of a book entitled “Stark sein allein genügt nicht” (Strength alone is not enough).

Rémy Boileau, Compagnie ARTmonie – Geneva, Switzerland
Rémy Boileau, actor at ARTmonie, presented his next theatre performance “Coupable” (Guilty), focused on paedophilia issues and intended to increase public awareness on different abusers’ profiles. Performances will be followed by public debates with experts.

Pat Hugues, International Council of Nurses ICN – Geneva, Switzerland
Pat Hugues presented the International Council of Nurses and its child abuse prevention in the field of nursing worldwide. ICN is concerned about protection, support for and prevention of abuse of girls from both a human rights and a health perspective. ICN launched a global initiative, the Girl Child Project, mobilising nurses for the health of urban girls as well as a birth registration campaign. ICN believes that every nurse has a professional responsibility to prevent child abuse and calls on its national member associations to mark the World Day in their countries and lobby their governments, NGOs and others to combat child abuse in all its forms.

Myriam Ernst, Casa Alianza – Geneva Branch, Switzerland
Myriam Ernst presented Casa Alianza and its work preventing child abuse of street children in Central America: in the streets (games, thematic workshops, street schools), in families (visits by educators and schools for parents), in communities, as well as inside Casa Alianza itself, with daily workshops, individual therapy and mutual aid groups. Myriam Ernst also presented the organisation’s Ethical Charter, Denunciation Charter and work principles.

Corinne May-Chahal, Council of Europe – Strasbourg, France
Corinne May-Chahal presented her book “Child sexual abuse in Europe” which offers a pan-European perspective on the issue, drawing on the rapidly growing evidence base and current policy. She mentioned that responses to the many different forms of abuse are still in development and shared European activities to combat sexual abuse of children such as prevention, legal and therapeutic measures among others.

Amaya Gillespie, UN Study on Violence Against Children, Geneva, Switzerland
Amaya Gillespie presented an overview of the UN Secretary General’s mandate to prepare a Study on Violence Against Children and encouraged everyone to get involved in the process. The study, to be presented to the UN General Assembly in 2006, should lead to the development of strategies aimed at effectively preventing and combating all forms of violence against children.

Chitra Radhakishun, Lawyer / United Nations – Geneva, Switzerland
Chitra Radhakishun expressed her personal views and research on sexual abuse as an issue for the international agenda. According to Ms. Radhakishun, the time has come to look at the topic in a holistic manner and formulate policies and strategies to create balanced interrelations between sex, society and development, based on the important work done by the UN system. Global action can only be effective if NGOs and the UN join hands.

"WWSF Prize Betty Makoni" First Geneva Award Ceremony

WWSF awarded the Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights PCSW&HR with the "WWSF Prize Betty Makoni" (second Laureate organization 1000 US$).
WWSF briefly explained why the Prize was named after Betty Makoni, a Zimbabwe Child Rights activist, and presented the four organizations awarded for the first year :

  1. Women Action Coalition for Child Abuse of Nigeria (3000 US$)
  2. Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights (1000 US$)
  3. Committee for Prevention of Child Abuse of East Asia in China and Vienna Network for Prevention of Sexual Abuse against Girls, Boys and Youth in Austria (500 US$ each).

Mr. Muhammad Noori, Chairman of PCSW&HR, invited by WWSF, personally received the award in Geneva for innovative activities organized under his leadership in Pakistan on 19 November 2003.

"WWSF Prize Betty Makoni" Vienna Award Ceremony

WWSF representative, Ilse Moser, presented an additional award to the Vienna Network for Prevention of Sexual Abuse against Girls, Boys and Youth - Austria, in the presence of twelve network representatives, the media and members of the Vienna Network for Peace and Non-violence. A panel discussion on the subject of child abuse was organised in the evening and attended mostly by parents. The Austria Press Agency communicated the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse and the Prize award to the national media.

Public Conference - 20 November 2004

Geneva, 20 November 2004, Maison des Associations. Invited by WWSF on the occasion of the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse, Mr. Gerald Brassine, psychotherapist from Belgium, presented his book "Prévenir, détecter et gérer les abus sexuels subis par les enfants" (Preventing, detecting and dealing with child sexual abuse). He proposes to explain sexuality to children in a healthy and happy way (as of the age three) in order to abolish manipulations by abusers. He advocates to break the taboo around sexuality which in fact perpetuates abuse and serves the abuser. According to him, good prevention measures can avoid many cases of abuse.

To order the book (available in French), please contact or

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Coalition Impact 2004 - Global Activity Report

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