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WWSF Prize
for Prevention of Child Abuse 2005


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WWSF awards four organizations for innovative prevention activities
On the occasion of World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse – 19 November

First Laureate organization (US$ 3000)

International Child Abuse Network Inc - Yes ICAN, USA

Coalition member since 2002, Yes ICAN was founded in 1997 to provide services via Internet to individuals subject of abuse all over the world by offering access to free, current and expert information as well as a chat forum assuring confidentiality and anonymity. In 2003, in response to a Yes ICAN request, the Mayor of Los Angeles (James Hahn) proclaimed 19 November World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse for its residents. In 2004, Yes ICAN received the Mayor’s proclamation for the second time, as well as an endorsement from the Governor of California (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and from the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, designating 19 November World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse for L.A. and California. To mark the World Day 2004, Yes ICAN organized several activities:

  1. 2nd annual art show at the Canoga Park Youth Arts Center. Children (5-18) participated by submitting original artwork and poetry on the theme “What can children do?”. The event generated great discussions between teachers and parents on child abuse prevention. Encouraged by the success, Yes ICAN hopes to make this an annual event.
  2. A special place on their website provides information about the World Day and on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, suggesting several activities with links for assistance in taking active steps (over 2000 visitors while on line).
  3. Disseminated information about the Day to over 700 individuals and organizations via fliers and e-mail notices challenging each recipient to forward the message to at least 10 other people. By the end of the “World Day” in California, Yes ICAN had sent out 2500 messages.

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Second Laureate organization (US$ 1000)

Asociación Afecto contra el maltrato infantil - AFECTO, Colombia

Coalition member since 2001, the Association Afecto was founded in 1986 to stress the need for child abuse issues to be included in the political agenda and to professionalize care for victims of child abuse. To mark the World Day 2004, the Association Afecto began the campaign “Sólo por Hoy” (Just for Today) whose objective is to sensitize and to transform violent thoughts into affectionate actions. To prepare for the World Day, activities included: audio recording of campaign messages for communities of the Pacific and Atlantic regions; printing cards with campaign messages; informing the press (newspapers, radio and television), and creating alliances for the Bogotá 19 November celebration with:

  1. Senator A. Moreno P.: presenting two legal projects related to child sexual abuse; organizing a forum in the Senate of the Republic on child sexual abuse, reported live on national television and printing campaign messages.
  2. The Bogotá Police for Minors: spreading 7000 cards to drivers in the main streets of the city.
  3. The Fundación Disparando Cámaras para la Paz: disseminating cards to Bogotá bus passengers on the need of preventing abuse and violence against children.
  4. The Hospital Universitario Clínica San Rafael: printing and distributing 5000 commitment cards to patients, visitors and employees as well as guidelines on non-violent treatment of children.
  5. The Gimnasio Moderno: mobilizing Bogotá school directors and promoting the “Sólo por Hoy” campaign.

Other local and national organizations marked the Day with various activities (speeches, readings, plays, cultural activities, walks, school visits, cards to Mayors and communities, etc). The activities received wide media coverage and had an impact on local and regional communities throughout the country. Thanks to the outreach by the Association Afecto, many Colombian organizations have joined the WWSF international coalition in 2005.

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Two additional awards (US$ 500 each)

Muhammadan Women Welfare Society, Pakistan

To mark the World Day, the Muhammadan Women Welfare Society first created a special committee consisting of 10 members to prepare 19 November activities:

  1. Invitations were sent to a large number of professors, teachers, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, political and social workers as well as parents.
  2. About 5000 leaflets were distributed and delivered door to door to the general public.
  3. 45 large size banners inviting people to mark the Day were placed in many streets.
  4. WWSF global posters were posted in the city and on the walls of the Muhammadan Women Welfare Society.
  5. Religious centers were visited to raise awareness of the need for prevention of child abuse.

On 19 November, special activities included:

  1. Awareness walks with children and parents carrying banners and flags with messages on prevention of child abuse. About 800 people participated.
  2. Speeches by political and social leaders addressing child rights and child abuse.
  3. Visits of Educational Centers (11) with psychologists, educational experts and legal advisers delivering lectures and highlighting the need for prevention of child abuse. About 12’000 persons, including teachers, students and parents participated.
  4. Cultural activities including drama, music and debates on prevention of child abuse.

400 people participated. In addition, 500 participants signed a large banner placed at the Muhammadan Women Welfare Society head office in support of prevention of child abuse. The Day was publicized in several local and national newspapers and broadcasted on TV.

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Youth Net and Counselling - YONECO, Malawi

To mark the World Day, YONECO, in collaboration with the government of Malawi (through the Ministry of Gender, Child Welfare and Community Services), held a national commemoration at Zomba Gymkhana Grounds on the theme “Stop abusing children - Send them to school”. Activities included:

  1. A four-kilometre march led by the Municipal Mayor and his 14 counsellors. Close to 2000 children and 50 schoolteachers participated, carrying and displaying anti-child abuse messages and chanting songs.
  2. Speeches delivered by political authorities and experts.
  3. A petition read by children for the Malawi government to declare zero tolerance for child abuse.
  4. Songs and traditional dances as well as drama performed by children and theatre groups, depicting child abuse situations.

Impact of the event:

  1. Thirteen media representatives (print and electronic) attended the commemoration.
  2. The Mayor of the municipality issued a proclamation against child abuse for the residents of Zomba. He committed himself and his office to doing everything possible for the success of all anti-child abuse campaigns.
  3. The government committed itself to protecting and promoting the rights of the child.

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