WWSF International Clearinghouse
for Prevention of Child Abuse
and Violence Against Children

WWSF International Clearinghouse

WWSF * Women's World Summit Foundation is compiling a database of Internet links to prevention programs of child abuse and violence against children so that good practices and innovative measures may be shared among child rights organizations and relevant groups. This database will be launched on the WWSF annual World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse on November 19, 2006. By sharing information through this International Clearinghouse, each organization contributes to the creation of a culture of prevention. Please send replies to admin@wwsf.ch or fax to (+41 22) 738 82 48. Selected examples of programs and good practices will be published on the WWSF website (www.woman.ch). Many thanks for your participation.

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* WWSF, an international, non-profit, non-confessional empowerment NGO (in UN consultative status ECOSOC, UNFPA and DPI), serves to help implement women's and children's rights and the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Children's section: World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse - 19 November; WWSF Prize for prevention of child abuse; Yellow sticker campaign and the WWSF International Clearinghouse project.

Women's section: Prize for women's creativity in rural life; World Rural Women's Day - 15 October; World Day for Circles of Compassion - 2 November and circle training workshops; the "Mali Sheep Project".

Reply to admin@wwsf.ch or Fax +41 22 738 82 48