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EXPO at the United Nations Geneva 
Affiche et invitation 
Discours par l’Ambassadeur B. Godet 
Messages des gouvernements 
Discours par Elly Pradervand 

331 Women changing the world
Laureates who received the
WWSF Prize
for Women’s creativity in rural life©


Objective of the Exposition

Increased visibility and support for women social entrepreneurs and their work to end poverty. The Exposition will travel to different places in Switzerland and abroad.

About the Prize for rural women
Giving credit where it’s due!

Created in 1994, the Prize for women’s creativity in rural life awards women and women’s groups around the world who exhibit exceptional creativity, courage and commitment in improving the quality of life in rural communities.

Awarded annually, the Prize draws international attention to the laureates’ contributions to sustainable development, household food security and peace. It also increases support for their work.

The award money consists of US$ 500 per Laureate and US$ 3000.- for certain women’s organizations in Africa. The Prize is a gesture of solidarity.

All laureates and guidelines for nomination
of candidates are published on Internet.


Thanks to the support received over the past 12 years, WWSF could award 331 Laureates to-date with a total of US$ 280'000.-

Principle sponsors of the Prize

Swiss Development and Cooperation SDC
Republic and Canton of Geneva
Ville de Genève
Hotel Beau-Rivage
Vivre Autrement
Sandoz Foundation
The World Bank
Banque Pictet
Manor AG
Delance SA
Société Borel & Barbey
Editions Jouvence
Aéroport International de Genève AIG
New Field Foundation
Seiler Family
Jensen Family
Demole Family
Jaeger Family
W. Somary
E. Detiger
Ilse Moser
M.L. Parreil
among others.

WWSF Mission

WWSF is dedicated to serve with its annual global campaigns and prize awards the implementation of women’s and children’s rights. WWSF provides international visibility and recognition for rural women’s development projects and innovative child abuse prevention programs.

Women’s Section Programs

Prize for women’s creativity in rural life
World Rural Women’s Day – 15 October
Mali Sheep Project – Make Gifts differently
World Day for Circles of compassion – 2 November
and circle training workshops

Children’s Section Programs

World Day for prevention of child abuse
– 19 November
Prize for prevention of child abuse
Sticker campaign for prevention of abuse
International Clearinghouse

WWSF Board of Directors

Wu Qing (China) ; Gulzar Samji, P.Ag. (Canada)
Elly Pradervand (Switzerland & Germany)
Filomina Chioma Steady (Sierra Leone & USA)
Bunny McBride (USA) ; Reema Nanavaty (Sewa-India)

Exposition coordination committee

Elly Pradervand, Laure and Mathias Maitrejean,
Catherine Wagner, Valérie Moynat, Andrew Myers.

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