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Calendar of events

  Last update: October 2009

Women’s Section


15 October 2009

International Day of Rural Women - 15 October
WWSF Theme: "Claim your Right to Health and Well-being!"
Download poster and Open Letter to rural women of the world 2009


15 October 2009

WWSF Prize for women's creativity in rural life
Link to Laureates 2009
Link to all 354 Laureates awarded since 1994
Link to nomination guidelines 2010


25 November 2009

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - 25 November
Geneva Conference: MenEngage-White Ribbon Campaign Switzerland
Download program of the conference and registration card (ppf 600 Ko only french)
Download program of the conference and registration form (doc 400 Ko only french)


26 November -
10 December 2009

16 Days of Activism
for the elimination of violence against women, including;
- WWSF Open House for daily information sessions (except week-ends)
- Activities in Switzerland > read more


Children's Section


13-18 November 2009

WWSF Prevention Education Week
13-18 November (program in preparation) sharing WWSF Guide for NGO and citizen action


19 November 2009

World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse
Link to 2009 Registration Form to join the international coalition
Link to annual posters and Call to Action
Link to Global Impact Reports
Link to international coalition members



Geneva Conference - CICG - 9th consecutive year
Theme 2009: "The role of parents, response from adults"
Inscription Form and Agenda for the 10th Annual Conference on the progress in prevention of child abuse (inscription deadline: 18 November 2009)
Link to conference reports 2008/2007/2006/2005, etc.


Prize for prevention of child abuse 2009
4 Laureate organizations to be selected in 2009
Link to Laureate organizations


20 November 2009

Celebration 20th Anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC)
WWSF signature card campaign